The Fiscal Fitness Company, Inc. has been proudly serving its clients since 1999.  We are located in Mandeville, Louisiana, a town that sits on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain and within the New Orleans metroplex.

Using a proprietary financial analysis tool, The Fiscal Fitness Company provides advisory services in:

  • Money Management
  • Emergency Preparation
  • Financial Stability
  • Future Planning

These are more particularly outlined in our book, Financial Sanity in Three Easy Lessons.

The outcome is an integrated and comprehensive financial plan that, when faithfully and fully implemented, results in growing wealth, self-sufficiency and peace of mind.


simpson-davidDavid Simpson

is an 18-year veteran of the financial services arena who not only studied the industry from the inside (Prudential, The Mutual Fund Store and boutique broker-dealers), but who also brought his legal training (“recovering” attorney) and knowledge of history to bear on this topic of immense importance. His conclusions are not only counter-intuitive and counter-cultural, they are also the only ones beneficial to people… rather than the financial services industry.