Is Christian Economics an Oxymoron?

If you listen to me on the True Money Show, then you are aware that the second, grand purpose of my show is to advocate for a just and sound monetary system to replace the dishonest one that we currently have.  Just what, exactly, would that look like? Well, yesterday, my guest, John Sharpe, and (Continued)

A Greek Peek Into The Future

There are lessons to be learned from the “Greek crisis”, but you will be hard-pressed to find them in the mainstream media.  Yes, the media pundits will blather on about how a sovereign default will hurt our economy and stock market, but what solutions do they offer to either Greece or to Mr. Smith in (Continued)

The Next Anything!

How would you like to feel better, make money, help the economy and sleep better at night?  Think this is impossible?  Expecting a sleazy sales pitch?  Well, it is possible and it does not require you to buy anything.  However, you will have to exert some effort. So what is this wonderment that can accomplish (Continued)

Ripped Off…Royally!

In a recent USA Today article entitled “Cash is King for ex-CEO of Pimco,” we are told that the former CEO of PIMCO, Mohammed El-Erian, is “keeping most of his money…in an unusual place – cash.”  El-Erian explains, “That’s not great, given that it gets eaten up by inflation.  But I think most asset prices (Continued)

An Asset for the Keeping…and Nurturing!

Recently, a money manager that I otherwise greatly respect, said this rather despairing, if not delusional, statement: “Ultimately, there may be no such thing as a safe asset anymore and investors may want to take a diversified approach to something as mundane as cash.” [Emphasis added] The Rising Dollar Myth by Axel Merk. I know (Continued)

Silver Bullets, Silver Linings and Silver Savings

At the risk of being misconstrued, I will be short and to the point in this blog: There are no quick fixes to the problems plaguing our society, its government or our economic system.  Just as the sky did not fall in the morning after we re-elected the one who is arguably the worst president (Continued)

Bubble-Gum Face and Other Inflation Tragedies

So many of us have done it. Eight years old, half a mouth full of bubble gum and our friend challenges us to a bubble blowing contest: Biggest bubble wins. So there we go, blowing harder and bigger until that bubble is double the size of our head. But still not satisfied, we try that (Continued)

Uncommon (But Good) Advice

 Blogger’s note: Amended version of an email sent to clients in March, 2009. I came across this interesting statement in one of the most successful investment newsletters of the past 25 years: “Prudent investors keep a minimum of the next couple of year’s worth of living expenses out of the market.” Really!?! Other than from The (Continued)

Time To Take Stock…Just Not Wallstreet’s

Blogger’s note: This message was originally sent out in July, 2008, at the height of that year’s market meltdown. During times of economic and market turmoil like we are seeing today, I invariably get asked: “Is it time to cash out and head for the hills?”  What they are really asking is what does the (Continued)