How Do You Make Him Shut Up?

I get asked “money” questions all the time. The most common query by far is: “I have some money in an old 401(k).  Do you think you could do anything with it?  It’s just sitting there and I don’t know what to do with it.” I hate that question.  I have nothing against the person (Continued)

A Greek Peek Into The Future

There are lessons to be learned from the “Greek crisis”, but you will be hard-pressed to find them in the mainstream media.  Yes, the media pundits will blather on about how a sovereign default will hurt our economy and stock market, but what solutions do they offer to either Greece or to Mr. Smith in (Continued)

The Next Average Joe?

One of the things I love about my business (and clients) is that it has become a clearinghouse of sorts for great ideas.  I have been graced with being a conduit of information between my family of clients, passing along information and experience that is helpful to us all.  People helping people to succeed. How (Continued)

The Fat Lady Has A Name

What do you call a man trying to sell ice to Eskimos?  “Unemployed”, of course! What do you call a man trying to sell debt to debtors?  That would be: “Mr. President.” In his own words: Let’s do more to help Americans save for retirement. Today, most workers don’t have a pension. A Social Security (Continued)

A Simple Recipe for Wealth and Freedom

It is always dangerous to quote someone since one is likely to get labeled with the same calumnies that are heaped upon the principal author.  This is even more the case when one quotes G. K. Chesterton, a writer whose incisive views and powerful reasoning always cause distress (or rapturous joy) in the reader. Chesterton, (Continued)

The State of Corruption

I apologize ahead of time for this somewhat “downer” blog, but today, I am fighting with my own industry and product providers about a new “interpretation of the rules” that could have deleterious effects on my clients.  If we continue to allow the “rules of today” to mean something different tomorrow, then we will soon (Continued)

Mortgage Myths and Real World Finance

Perhaps the most important thing to know about finance is what are the unintended consequences of a proposed course of action.  Unfortunately, these are very rarely discussed.  What is discussed, rather, are over-simplified, numerical projections often with faulty inputs to boot. Then, armed with this false information, the consumer draws erroneous conclusions…often with devastating results.  (Continued)

The Gift of Giving

Last year I attempted to examine the real reason for the “commercialization” of Christmas.  Today I am going to consider the act of giving and why such a thing makes us happy. If you plumb the depths of any action or profession, you will always find a great paradox (or several of them) that seems (Continued)