Is Christian Economics an Oxymoron?

If you listen to me on the True Money Show, then you are aware that the second, grand purpose of my show is to advocate for a just and sound monetary system to replace the dishonest one that we currently have.  Just what, exactly, would that look like? Well, yesterday, my guest, John Sharpe, and (Continued)

Why…and How to…Save?

Do you have an emergency fund?  Is it large enough?  When do you tap into it and how is it re-supplied? I ask these questions because, as I remarked in my book, “In all the years that I have practiced, I can safely say that less than 5 percent (probably less than 1 percent) of (Continued)

The Next Average Joe?

One of the things I love about my business (and clients) is that it has become a clearinghouse of sorts for great ideas.  I have been graced with being a conduit of information between my family of clients, passing along information and experience that is helpful to us all.  People helping people to succeed. How (Continued)

The Next Anything!

How would you like to feel better, make money, help the economy and sleep better at night?  Think this is impossible?  Expecting a sleazy sales pitch?  Well, it is possible and it does not require you to buy anything.  However, you will have to exert some effort. So what is this wonderment that can accomplish (Continued)

The Fat Lady Has A Name

What do you call a man trying to sell ice to Eskimos?  “Unemployed”, of course! What do you call a man trying to sell debt to debtors?  That would be: “Mr. President.” In his own words: Let’s do more to help Americans save for retirement. Today, most workers don’t have a pension. A Social Security (Continued)

Believing Is Receiving

In the past I have focused on some false financial ideas surrounding Christmas. Today, I want to consider a true, but often overlooked, component of the season. Imagine for a moment that you are one of the shepherds “watching and keeping the night watches over their flock.” And imagine further that “an angel” appears while (Continued)

A Simple Recipe for Wealth and Freedom

It is always dangerous to quote someone since one is likely to get labeled with the same calumnies that are heaped upon the principal author.  This is even more the case when one quotes G. K. Chesterton, a writer whose incisive views and powerful reasoning always cause distress (or rapturous joy) in the reader. Chesterton, (Continued)

Is Wealth A Blessing, A Curse Or A Sin?

     Recently a client (and good friend) posed a question to me after hearing a sermon preached on the gospel story of the rich, young man, where Christ tells this man to “go, sell what you have and come follow me.”  One of my friend’s questions was this: Am I not supposed to save, but (Continued)