How Do You Make Him Shut Up?

I get asked “money” questions all the time. The most common query by far is: “I have some money in an old 401(k).  Do you think you could do anything with it?  It’s just sitting there and I don’t know what to do with it.” I hate that question.  I have nothing against the person (Continued)

Why…and How to…Save?

Do you have an emergency fund?  Is it large enough?  When do you tap into it and how is it re-supplied? I ask these questions because, as I remarked in my book, “In all the years that I have practiced, I can safely say that less than 5 percent (probably less than 1 percent) of (Continued)

The Next Anything!

How would you like to feel better, make money, help the economy and sleep better at night?  Think this is impossible?  Expecting a sleazy sales pitch?  Well, it is possible and it does not require you to buy anything.  However, you will have to exert some effort. So what is this wonderment that can accomplish (Continued)

Making A Difference: An Easy Start

Though I have been away from writing and blogging for several months, Christmas always inspires me to send some message,whether good or bad, to those I care about .  So here I go. Throughout my life, I have heard dozens of people say, “If I had a million bucks…” and then go on to describe whatever (Continued)

From Jerusalem to Jericho: A Personal Review of Samaritan Ministries

In August of last year, I left health insurance behind and joined the ranks of the uninsured.  Well, sort of, but I will get to that in a minute. Yes, I decided to go without COVERAGE.  I left the holy mount of Jerusalem (healthcare benefits) and went down to the lowly town of Jericho (a (Continued)


The Fiscal Fitness Company, Inc. has been proudly serving its clients since 1999.  We are located in Mandeville, Louisiana, a town that sits on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain and within the New Orleans metroplex. Using a proprietary financial analysis tool, The Fiscal Fitness Company provides advisory services in: Money Management Emergency Preparation Financial (Continued)

When It Pays To Hire A Financial Advisor…And The Good They Do

Recently in a piece written for, Christine Benz had this to say about “When It Pays to Hire A Financial Professional”: Paying a financial planner an ongoing fee to handle every aspect of your financial plan can make sense if you’re extremely time-pressed or if your finances are particularly complicated. Ditto if you’re very (Continued)

So What’s Your HATE Of Return?

I know this may sound strange coming from an investment professional, but I have come to HATE rate of return discussions.  The way that most companies present investment “rate of return” to their prospective clients is generally so over-simplified and remote in time as to border on the ridiculous, if not in fact fraudulent. These (Continued)