Bubble-Gum Face and Other Inflation Tragedies

So many of us have done it. Eight years old, half a mouth full of bubble gum and our friend challenges us to a bubble blowing contest: Biggest bubble wins. So there we go, blowing harder and bigger until that bubble is double the size of our head. But still not satisfied, we try that (Continued)

Operation Twist…and Shout?

Killing the American economy has proven quite difficult for the liberals, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying. And trying some more! Now it appears that their moronic policies are even threatening what I have described before as “the best place to store money.” This week Reuters ran an article about the dangers of Operation (Continued)

A False "Debt-chotomy" And What To Do About It

I hear a lot of financial advisors recommending to their clients to get out of debt. In years past, though it has been a while, I heard another set of advisors heartily recommending the strategic use of leverage. Apparently the “debt” word had become so distasteful to the general public that the pundits had to (Continued)

The Pension Pinch or The War of the Ages?

Some years ago I read a pamphlet entitled The Pension Idea (Amazon says it is out of print, but you can find it by searching elsewhere) wherein the author pointed out the dubious origins, purposes and sustainability of pensions. I acknowledged the wisdom of his assessment, but didn’t think it had much practical applicability to (Continued)

So What’s Your HATE Of Return?

I know this may sound strange coming from an investment professional, but I have come to HATE rate of return discussions.  The way that most companies present investment “rate of return” to their prospective clients is generally so over-simplified and remote in time as to border on the ridiculous, if not in fact fraudulent. These (Continued)

The Best Place To Store Money

Blogger’s Note: This article was originally written in September 2009 as an email to clients. Here are a few excerpts from an article in this month’s Financial Planning magazine entitled: Better Than Nothing: Clients are piling up cash for both anticipated spending needs and future opportunities. But where do you put it? In the country (Continued)

URGENT: 401(K) or Not O(K)?

I hate to be alarmist.  And no, I am not trying to manipulate you through fear.  In fact, my only concern is to protect you and your wealth from the vagaries of the financial markets and the appetite of the ever-expanding government. Recently some news reports have come out stating that the government is considering (Continued)