Is Christian Economics an Oxymoron?

If you listen to me on the True Money Show, then you are aware that the second, grand purpose of my show is to advocate for a just and sound monetary system to replace the dishonest one that we currently have.  Just what, exactly, would that look like? Well, yesterday, my guest, John Sharpe, and (Continued)

A Simple Recipe for Wealth and Freedom

It is always dangerous to quote someone since one is likely to get labeled with the same calumnies that are heaped upon the principal author.  This is even more the case when one quotes G. K. Chesterton, a writer whose incisive views and powerful reasoning always cause distress (or rapturous joy) in the reader. Chesterton, (Continued)

The State of Corruption

I apologize ahead of time for this somewhat “downer” blog, but today, I am fighting with my own industry and product providers about a new “interpretation of the rules” that could have deleterious effects on my clients.  If we continue to allow the “rules of today” to mean something different tomorrow, then we will soon (Continued)

The Gift of Giving

Last year I attempted to examine the real reason for the “commercialization” of Christmas.  Today I am going to consider the act of giving and why such a thing makes us happy. If you plumb the depths of any action or profession, you will always find a great paradox (or several of them) that seems (Continued)

Is Wealth A Blessing, A Curse Or A Sin?

     Recently a client (and good friend) posed a question to me after hearing a sermon preached on the gospel story of the rich, young man, where Christ tells this man to “go, sell what you have and come follow me.”  One of my friend’s questions was this: Am I not supposed to save, but (Continued)

A False "Debt-chotomy" And What To Do About It

I hear a lot of financial advisors recommending to their clients to get out of debt. In years past, though it has been a while, I heard another set of advisors heartily recommending the strategic use of leverage. Apparently the “debt” word had become so distasteful to the general public that the pundits had to (Continued)

The Best Place To Store Money

Blogger’s Note: This article was originally written in September 2009 as an email to clients. Here are a few excerpts from an article in this month’s Financial Planning magazine entitled: Better Than Nothing: Clients are piling up cash for both anticipated spending needs and future opportunities. But where do you put it? In the country (Continued)